Project "Lead youth to multilingualism"

Lead youth to multilingualism

Dates: 10.09.2015 - 25.04.2016

Participants: the students of forms 9 - 12

Curators: N.Lugoveca, M.Grečaņina, J.Mazure, N.Feldmane, V.Ivanova, L.Kupča

Riga Secondary School No.34 in cooperation with IPSSEOA Bernardo Buontalenti from Italy implemented the Project "Lead youth to multilingualism" (multilingualism as the form of intercultural communication).

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Project "Pathways in Europe"

Pathways in Europe

Dates: 2014 - 2017

Curators: 3-rd stage - J.Safonova, N.Rogaļeva, J.Mazure

Schools have a range of differing strategies for preparing students for life after school and none of them currently specifically prepare students to consider alternative pathways across Europe. This project seeks to extend current practice from a local/insular approach to a more pan European approach.

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Project "Milk For Schools"

Milk For Schools

Participants: Forms 1 - 9

The European programme Milk For Schools encourages schoolchildren to include dairy products in their daily menu and observe a balanced diet. By enhancing the development of healthy diet habits, which will be necessary in the adult life, the project also plays an educational role. In accordance with this programme, schools and other educational establishments receive the EU financing to ensure the best quality dairy products supply.

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Project "Fruits For School"

Fruits For School

Dates: 11.2015 - 03.2016

Participants: Forms 1 - 9

Curators: R.Mavļina, S.Maļinova

The aim of the project is to enhance healthy eating habits which creates the basis for healthy lifestyle and keeping fit in the future.

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