A good tradition.

A good tradition.

Dates: 01.06.2017 - 30.09.2017

Participants: students of forms 9-10

Curators: J.Larina, I.Surkova

A good tradition. In June and September 2017 the teachers and students of Riga Secondary School 34 took part in the international project “International Village” in Slovakia. It has become a good tradition in our school. This year’s peculiarity was that the groups were formed not only from the students of our school but also from schools 71 and 95. 50 students and 4 teachers had a wonderful chance of going to Slovakia this year. Our school has been popularizing its experience of taking part in international projects among others schools of Riga. All the students have come to a conclusion that such projects greatly motivate them to study foreign languages.

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KA1 project Erasmus +

KA1 project Erasmus +

Dates:from 2016 June 9th till 2018 June 8th

CLIL for facilitating Riga Secondary School 34 pedogogical staff competence.

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Project "Our Short Hike"

Our Short Hike

Date: 02.10.2015

Participants: form 4

Curators: M.Mavļina, V.Vološinska, D.Lediņa, L.Vismane

The students of 4b participated in the competition organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Department Our short Hike 2015. The aim of the competition is to consider the modern multifunctional uses of wood and prepare a creative research work.

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Project "Get Inspired!"

Get Inspired!

Dates: 10.12 - 18.12.2015

Participants: the students from form 12.b - S.Tatevosjane, I.Zarickis, teachers - J.Mališeva, M.Barbašina

Our school takes an active part in a lot of international projects. In December students of 12B (S.Tatevosjana, I.Zarickis) and English teachers (M.Barbašina, J.Mališeva) are going to the UK (Gloucester, Asha centre) to participate in the international training course "Youth Life Coaching".

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