Public Speaking 2023

This is not the first time that a political speech presentation event  has been held at our school. In the 2022-2023 academic year it was held on March 28 and April 4. It was attended by students of the 11th grade. An important part of this event was played by the teacher of Public Speaking, A.  Valtere, the teacher of history V. Šulce, and English language teachers G.Zaremba and J. Mazure.

The teachers developed the main directions of the event, as well as the essential criteria for evaluating students’ speeches. A lot of preparatory work in planning and coordinating the joint efforts, instructing the students, selecting the criteria, and establishing the rules was carried out.

The students were asked to read, listen to and analyse the speeches of famous contemporary or historical politicians, and express their points of view in accordance with the preselected evaluation criteria.

There were three general purposes that all speeches created by the students fall into: to inform, to persuade, and to inspire their audience.

The students had to do quite a lot of work: watch and listen to and analyse several speeches presented by selected famous politicians and later interpret and evaluate them. The responses above demonstrate the  adolescents’ earnest and thorough analysis of the freedom of speech issue. The students revealed their different views on various subjects and exchanged ideas.

This event proved the significance of political speech analysis for the students. More importantly, development of their ability to speak in public also improves their communication skills. Therefore, the teachers wanted to help their students to become good public speakers, focusing on preparation, analysis, performance and evaluation.


“Singlish” 2023

In January,2023 the online contest "Singlish" was organized by Riga Secondary School 34 for the third time. 52 students of 15 Riga schools took part in it. Participants demonstrated their talents and skills in English, as well as their vocals through video recordings. The jury watched every song with great interest, determining the best and emphasising the achievements of every participant.

We congratulate all the participants of the contest "Singlish" and express our gratitude to the teachers of English, vocal teachers and children’s parents.


Spring Festival and 5th Anniversary of Confucius Classroom at Rīga Secondary School 34

On February 3rd, 2023 Rīga Secondary School 34 celebrated  our school Confucius Classroom 5th Anniversary and Spring festival.

The Embassador of the People’s Republic of China Mr.Liang Jianquan, Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia Professor P.Pildegovičs and Professor Shang Quanyu, Riga schools’ representatives, volunteer teachers from China, our school teachers and students, other guests participated in the event.

Students showed their talents in singing, reciting, story-telling  in Chinese, dancing,  playing various musical instruments, and even circus art.  Students were awarded for achievement in  such contests  as Drawing Competition in three nominations: Chinese Landscape, Tea Ceremony Set, Hanfu traditional clothes and took part in the quiz on China and its culture. 

All were glad to get gifts  from the Embassy  and enjoyed tasty food!